BTG Pactual hires Charles Rosier for European business

BTG Pactual hires Charles Rosier for European business

Charles Rosier’s Career Experiences

Charles Rosier (efinancialnews) was a hard-working partner of an investment bank in Latin America known as BTG Pactual. Five principles (Client Focus, Long Term View, Global Thinking Presence, Meritocracy and Partnership and World-Class Governance) were established by him during his stay at BTG Pactual. From 2009 until 2010, he was the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, which is a multinational investment banking firm. From 1997 to 2009, Charles Rosier worked as the Debt Capital Manager at SBC Warburg. When he started his job as an investment banker, he went to work at Lehman Brothers.

Educational Achievements of Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier join UBS Warburg Investment Bank right after being a part of Lehman Brothers in 1996. He was awarded his first scientific Baccalaureate degree, equivalent to A-levels in the UK. Two years of additional classes were undertaken by Charles Rosier in order to get ready for more French certifications.

Charles Rosier joined BTG Pactual in August 2010. BTG Pactual is an excellent investment bank in Latin America. Charles Rosier became a partner there. Charles Rosier was offered a job at Goldman Sachs (GMS) in 1999. He joined the team and was appointed as Managing Director. BTG Pactual has 30 years of experience in international markets and has over 2,500 workers spread across Latin America. As a great investment banker, he has remained in the market for 15 years now.

His support for a famous French female performer was a fantastic example of his passion for culture and music. Charles Rosier is active in various philanthropic and cultural activities. This explains the support he gave for a well-known French singer and a Silver Lion-winning movie. He has a passion for culture and music. His support of singers and movies exemplifies this. In 2006, Charles Rosier promoted a Silver Lion-winning film prior to its production release, and he helped a French musician with her debut album in 2012.